Name:  Bonnie

Voice Part:  Alto

Hometown:  Born in Manchester, CT... but hangs her hat in Falls Church, VA

Solos:  Galileo; Royals/Madness; Dancing in the Street; Compass

Past groups:  Notochords - VCU/Medical College of Virginia (as well as church choir as a teenager)

Nickname:  Bon Bon

Favorite movie: A League of Their Own, Spaceballs, Rudy, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Frozen, Bring It On, Pitch Perfect, Clueless... she could go on and on and on....

About me:  Random bits of trivia: Bonnie has donated her hair to Locks of Love 4 times, bowled a 300 game in April 2012, won a trip to Peru from Tropicana Orange Juice in 2011, earned the Girl Scout Gold Award... and doesn't like mangoes, papayas, passionfruits, guavas, watermelons, jalapeños, or avocados.